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Cherokee County, Texas - Closed
Date & Time: Bids Start Ending: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 11:00 AM CST

Items 1-4, 7-19 & 21-33 are located @
Pct. 1
594 S. Main
Rusk, TX. 75785
Contact: Kelly Traylor @ 903-570-9402

Items 5,6 & 20 are located @
Pct. 3
75000 US Hwy 79W
Jacksonville, TX. 75766
Contact: Lauren @ 903-586-5811

Will begin November 3, 2014, 7:00AM to 2:30PM. Monday - Friday. By Appointment Only! NO INSPECTION November 11, 2014!

November 19-21 & November 24-26, 2014, 7:00AM to 2:30PM. By Appointment Only!


Case 40DR Drott- Excavator
Cat 420D Backhoe
Waldon Sweep Master II Sweeper
New Holland TS11U Tractor
John Deere 955G Track Loader
Case 1155E Track Loader
Hobart Brothers Co. Trailer Mounted Welding Shop
Ford Tanker Truck
Ford Winch F-602 Truck
8’ Byonic Blade Road Cleaver
2009 Ford F150 Truck
2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck
2003 Ford F150 Truck
2000 Ford F150 Truck
2001 Ford F150 Truck
2001 Ford F250 Truck
6' Bush Hog 287 Mower
4' Side Boom Mower Deck for Diamond Mower
L-Shape Fuel Tank w/ electric pump
Tractor Supply Tool Box

Total of 20 Lots.
T_10007.JPG T_10004.JPG

Categories: Catalog - ALL ITEMS (20) - BACKHOE (1) - BLADE (1) - EXCAVATOR (1) - FUEL TANK (1) - MOWER DECK (1) - MOWERS (1) - SWEEPER (1) - TANKER TRUCK (1) - TOL BOX (1) - TRACK LOADERS (2) - TRACTORS (1) - TRUCKS (6) - WELDER (1) - WINCH TRUCK (1)

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You will be invoiced at the end of the auction. NO invoices will be sent until every item has ended.


ALL forms of payment are outlined below. NO checks (Business, Personal or Cashier’s Check) will be accepted without a BANK LETTER of GUARANTEE that guarantees NO STOP PAYMENT for at least 14 business days. See Example Below. If you are not sure your payment will be acceptable, call our office and ask. Thank You!
*Please make sure you send your bidder number with your payment!
Payment for purchases must be made by one of the following methods; WIRE TRANSFER - any purchase $10,000 or more must be made in form of wire transfer (we will only accept wire transfers in the amount of $1,000 or more), POSTAL MONEY ORDER (up to $1,000), CASH (up to $9,999), CASHIER'S CHECK, COMPANY CHECK or PERSONAL CHECK (up to $9,999). All checks including Cashier’s Checks must have a non-revocable verifiable bank letter of guarantee (Must guarantee NO STOP PAYMENT, have check number on letter, and letter must be guaranteed for up to 14 business days.) Make ALL checks & money orders payable to AuctioneerExpress.com. NO Credit Cards or PayPal will be accepted. Merchandise will NOT be released until funds are verified. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Example of Bank Letter of Guarantee:
"_____is a customer of this Bank. This Bank will guarantee unqualified payment to AuctioneerExpress.com on Acct. #_____ up to the amount of $ ____.

No "stop payment" will be issued regarding this transaction.

This letter expires on ____. (This date needs to be no less than 2 weeks from date of auction.)"

Bank Name______ Address______ Ph.#________ Contact Name_______

1521 W. 16th St.
Mt. Pleasant, TX. 75455

The seller DOES NOT provide transportation or loading services for buyers to remove their merchandise. Any and all lifting, towing, and hauling, as well as other methods or requirements for removal and transport of the merchandise is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

PLEASE NOTE! This auction has staggered ending times. The first item will close at 11:00 AM CST. Each item will close two minutes after the previous. For example: Lot 1 closes at 11:00 AM CST. Lot 2 closes at 11:02 AM CST. Lot 3 closes at 11:04 AM CST. This will continue until all items have closed. Also note that extended bidding is still in place. Therefore, if Lot 1 goes into extended bidding Lot 2 still closes at 11:02 AM CST and Lot 3 will still close at 11:04 AM CST, etc. (unless they also go into extended bidding) while Lot 1 is still in extended bidding. This scenario applies to all lots. If you have any questions regarding extended bidding, please contact us.

Terms: TAXES:
City and State Taxes of 8.25% will be charged on taxable items. If an item is 50 HP or more, diesel powered and not registered for highway use, there will also be a 2% fuel surcharge tax.

All sales are subject to appropriate state Sales Tax laws. If a bidder claims a Sales Tax exemption, they must submit the appropriate Tax form to Auctioneer at the time payment is made. NOT ALL items qualify for sales and use tax exemptions. We have the right to deny bidder's request for a Sales Tax Exemption. If we deny your request for an exemption, we can provide bidder with a Form 00-985. Assignment of Right to Refund, on request. At that time bidder may apply for your sales tax refund directly from the State of Texas. We must have a Tax Exemption Form on file for each Auction! You can get the Exemption Form we require by selecting HELP and then selecting FORMS. If you have questions, please call us.

Out of state buyers that come and pick up items themselves are also subject all Texas state taxes. Out of state buyers that send a commercial carrier to pick up their item can be exempt from Texas taxes by having a commercial carrier to issue us a Bill of Lading. Buyer will, at that time, be responsible to pay all taxes that would be due in their home state to there home state.

After payment has been received by AuctioneerExpress.com and item has been removed from location, AuctioneerExpress.com will mail titles & title transfer document to buyers within 14 business days by certified mail to the registered bidder's address. AuctioneerExpress.com will put registered bidders name and address on title. Any and all correspondence will be between AuctioneerExpress.com and the buyer.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay all applicable fees for the legal transfer of the vehicle title and registration of said vehicle. Please be aware that the fees and requirements for transfer and registration are controlled by Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and NOT AuctioneerExpress.com!

In order for vehicle to be driven from sale site, you must provide proof of driver's license. Dealers must use dealer tags. Individuals must obtain a 1 trip permit or a 30 day permit.(Read Next Paragraph) If vehicle is to be safely towed or hauled from sale site your paid receipt and proper ID is all that will be required for removal.

To obtain a temporary registration permit, you can go to your local tax office and request a 1 trip permit for $5.00 cash, or a 30 day permit for $25.00 cash. You must furnish to the tax office proof of insurance along with vehicle identification information. The proof of insurance must have the vehicle that the permit is being issued for listed on it and be good for at least 30 days. You can get this from you insurance agent.

No items will be removed with out the paid receipt and proper ID, regardless of the method of removal.

If item is being picked up by someone other than the registered buyer, buyer must fax or mail the name of the representative that will be picking up the item, giving their permission to do so, to AuctioneerExpress.com. Representative must meet all requirements to remove items. Removal of all items will be by appointment only.

No items will be removed with out the paid receipt and proper ID, regardless of the method of removal.

After the final day for removal, a storage fee of $30.00 per day, per item/lot will be charged to the buyer. If merchandise is not removed within ten days after the final removal date, the ownership of the merchandise will revert back to the seller and the seller may dispose of or re-sell the item/lot at their discretion.

Contact: AuctioneerExpress.com
1521 W. 16th
Mt. Pleasant TX 75455
Phone: 903-572-4975 or for emergencies call 903-767-0767
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