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Bid history for item: 1 - MaxBids are not disclosed! City of Troup, Texas PD - Bids Start Ending: Friday, April 7, 2017 11:00AM CST

Bidder Amount Time (ET) Current Winning
13356 100.00 Mar-20-2017 8:44pm 100.00 13356
15867 110.00 Mar-21-2017 3:50pm 110.00 15867
14241 120.00 Mar-21-2017 4:46pm 130.00 15867
14241 140.00 Mar-21-2017 4:47pm 200.00 15867
14241 210.00 Mar-21-2017 4:49pm 210.00 14241
15822 220.00 Mar-22-2017 12:18pm 220.00 15822