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AuctioneerExpress.com is an on-line auction service based in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. AuctioneerExpress.com is a subsidiary of D-Mac's Investments, Ltd. Co. We specialize in selling for counties, cities, schools, courts, lenders, non-profit organizations and private parties.

AuctioneerExpress.com is a professional, full service auction company specializing in on-line auctions. AuctioneerExpress.com has a professional, experienced staff ready to assist you in any way possible. AuctioneerExpress.com strives to establish a personal relationship with sellers & buyers.

A Little About AuctioneerExpress...

We are celebrating our 18th year of On-line Auctions. Before On-line Auctions, we specialized in live auctions in the State of Texas under the name Mac's Auction Company. Dale McGonagill, president & lead auctioneer has been a business owner in our community for over 35 years.

A Little about our Staff

Dale McGonagill, President and Lead Auctioneer holds Texas Auctioneer License Number TX13801 & Arkansas Auctioneer License Number 2211. Dale has been a member of the Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma Auctioneers Association. Dale is also a CAGA certified appraiser. Dale likes to work one on one with most of our sellers and strives to establish a personal relationship with sellers & buyers.

Maranda (Mandi) Martin, Auction Manager and Auctioneer holds Texas Auctioneer License Number TX17485. Maranda graduated from Texas A&M University-Texarkana with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Maranda has experience in contracts, accounts receivables, data entry, vehicle paperwork, clerking and performing other auction duties.

Cathy McGonagill, Office Manager and Accounting. Cathy handles accounts payables, settlements & vehicle paperwork for AuctioneerExpress.com. Cathy also assists in accounts receivables, clerking & other important auction duties.

Adam Martin, Field Rep and Auctioneer holds Texas Auctioneer License Number TX16573. Adam has an Associates of Science degree in Business Administration. Adam assists in lotting and arranging auction items, ringing, new bidder accounts and data entry. Adam also has experience in assisting with other important auction duties.

Rusti McGonagill, Data Entry Operator. Rusti has an Associates of Arts degree in Communications. Rusti organizes and loads photos and other pertinent auction information for online auctions. Rusti also has experience in accounts receivables.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to doing business with you!

Texas Auctioneers are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and are covered by the Texas Auctioneer Recovery Fund. You may view their address and phone number below.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation PO. Box 12157 Austin, TX. 78711 512-463-6599 cs.auctioneers@tdlr.texas.gov