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Starting with a full body shot work your way 360 degrees around the item getting a picture of each angle.  (45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, 315°.)

A picture of each tire.  

Engine photo.

Inside of vehicle: Front interior, back interior, dash, close-up of hours/mileage.

Any large dents or scratches or damage inside or outside the vehicle.

Make sure to get pictures of VIN tags.

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If you are taking photos of your item/s for your auction please view the items listed  here to know what type of photos we need for your type of item. This is to better represent your item in the best possible way to the potential bidders.

We do not edit the items in the photo. However some photos may need to be resized or cropped. If license plate is visible the number will be blurred.

Please submit photos to If the photos are very large or there are more than 30 photos Please use Dropbox, Google Drive, or send in a ZIP format.

If you are using a Windows Computer WinZip is a free program that can convert you photos to a ZIP format

( is NOT affiliated with WinZip and does not make profit from the download or use of the WinZip Program. does NOT take any responsibility issues that might arise with the download or use of the WinZip Program.)

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